Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pictures from Tbilisi

I have been told on no uncertain terms that I need to catch up with the pictures. So, here are some of the highlights.

This is Danny, who is the first person I met in the program. This picture was taken WAY after we met in JFK. We are on the van on our way to the hotel with the seven other people who came in from Istanbul with us. What a great crew!

This was on the side of a wall in Tbilisi. There was more to the picture, but I really loved the son and the writing in the center. On the 5+ hour car ride to Poti, I showed the pictures to Kristina, who read it and told me that it was a poem by a very famous poet.

So, this reminded me of Louisiana... Anyone else think so? This is a major hotel on the river (on the cliff of the river) that cuts Tbilisi in half.

People in the picture first: (left to right) Cindy, my roomate, from Australia, Marie, my next door neighbor, from New Zealand, Ben, her next door neighbor, from New Zealand, and Danny, his next door neighbor, from Maine/Texas.
This park is a new project of Mishaus Sakashvili, president of Georgia. Side note, he is called Mishaus by the people of Georgia. The park was beautiful with lots of space to run around and have fun.

A huge grand piano was being built:

there was a rock climbing wall:

Basically, pretty awesome...(taken from the endless stairs that take you up to street level.)
 This next picture was basically a fun artsy shot. All of us (Bryston is behind Cindy) and the Jeans Bar. We didn't go inside to find out what exactly it was, but theories abound.

  I saw this and had a "judgment of Paris" moment. I saw the happy face and sad face and said "THEATER!" Sure enough, when we got to the front of the building, we were in some sort of theater district.
I figured Pushkin is a good guy to pose with.

Ok, it has been a great day, a day that I will probably post about later, but for now, I need sleep, so nakhvamdis for now.


  1. Wonderful pictures: great job of writing regularly! I am so glad you are doing it. I hope you don't stop when you get to Poti and get involved in your routine!

  2. That picture of the great piano is HILARIOUS! But where are they going to find the giant to play it??