Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kutaisi Part 1

So, we got dropped off right in front of a McDoland's where I promptly forgot how much I scoff at people who leave the US and eat at McDs when the smell of the french fries hit me. I caved and had mcnuggets and fries and had orange juice and it was wonderful! Then, we got together with other people from TLG. McDonalds is the almost official meeting place for all ex-pats, most of whom are TLG volunteers. With the Poti crowd, I wandered around Kutaisi until we found the information center and asked about the Prometheus cave. Then we walked up a HUGE hill to find a guest house that we are staying in. Since the hill was so high and we did a whole lot of walking to get to the house we collapsed, and though we all thought about napping, we realized that if we slept now, we would not wake up until the morning (it was 5PM). So we gathered our strength and walked out to see another group of TLGers walking in. We decided to join forces, and all twelve of us went off in search of somewhere to eat and drink.
Our first stop was the Medea Cafe (continuing our great mythological weekend theme) where we sat across from another huge group of TLG volunteers. Together we all went out to a Brewery for dinner. The poor waitress did an amazing job dealing with more than twenty non-Georgian hungry customers. Oh, ever had hen entrails? Beef brain?
At dinner, a couple of us realized that is was thanksgiving week and that this was the closest we would get to thanksgiving, so I have gotten in my Thanksgiving. I even continued a Katz tradition and had pork.
We came back to the guest house and immediately fell asleep. I am going to do that now. Tomorrow we head out to Prometheus Cave.

PS. The music in McDoland's is kinda insane. While I was there, I wrote down some of the songs that came on. Tupac, then some country song, then the black eyed peas. After that “we think” cotton eyed joe, followed by the mexican hat dance. Yes, the mexican hat dance. No idea what is going on with music here!

PPS, thank you Ben for the pictures!


  1. Ayende.. check in on the tower.. membership clean up and OMG I miss you.. since I just now was able to see your thread in Chambers I was able to find you here..

  2. Pauli, I enjoy your posts enormously. I have been amused by your lack of a spell checker from time to time. Today, it is the two-references to McDoland's vs the one reference to McDonald's. I was, at first, wondering if perhaps that was a "joke" of some kind, or a generational languaging rift, but I think not. In any event, please explain, or just laugh along with me. :D

  3. haha, total spelling errors. I was writing in the dark, late at night, in a room full of sleeping and soon to be sleeping people, and I wanted to post it right away. I wish I could say it was on purpose (maybe it was subconscious) because it really was like entering another world there. We called it the UN because people from all nations (mostly English speaking ones) gathered there. So McDoland it really was.