Saturday, January 21, 2012

It takes a Village

I am still in Tbilisi, but seriously having fun. This morning, when I came into the kitchen, I was told that there was no water. I thought that was odd for Tbilisi, the capital, but whatever, not an unheard of thing to happen here in Georgia. Qiso fried some eggs, I realized how much I rely on something to drink in the morning, but I figured the water would come back soon. While we were hanging out in the kitchen, one of the neighbors, who has come over a couple times to say hi and smile at me, came over once again to say hi and smile. Now when she hears that we have no water, all sorts of things start to happen. It seems that her apartment does have water, so it is not that the water has been turned off by the city. Leqso starts opening the windows and messing with something outside. Our neighbor brings in her husband and how the two of them are half hanging out the window fiddling with something. All of a sudden, the neighbor comes over with her two little ones and a pot of hot water that they pour on something out the window. I am assuming it was frozen or something (there was SNOW in Poti yesterday!) but the whole operation is still in progress. The water is running, but an aluminum pipe that was outside is currently hanging out in the kitchen, so who knows... It was very funny to see everybody thinking they knew the right way to do it and then VERY funny to see Leqso climb out the window with the neighbor's husband hanging on to his belt. They did this when Qiso and the wife were not in the kitchen, but they came back at the tail end of that attempt. But since it was the attempt that worked, there was not as big a fuss as I think there normally would have been... having a very nice relaxing day.

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