Sunday, April 16, 2017

Still in Tbilisi

I was going to wait on posting until I had arrived in Poti, but I just had the BEST time with Leqso's downstairs neighbors and I had to share the experience because I almost started crying in the middle of the whole thing I was so happy.

Leqso and I were going to visit the bazar to grab a bite and take a walk. On our way out, his neighbors asked him to turn on the hot water, and while we were waiting, they spoke to me. I had to explain in the only way I knew how "Amerikeli gogo. Kartulad tsota" American girl. Georgian little. Yeah, not grammatically correct in any way, but it's how I explain that I am not being rude (see earlier post) but just don't know what they are saying. What happened next is why I almost broke down right there. They ushered me into the house sat me down and started bringing out ALL the food. The khatchapuri, the chicken salad, the nut bread, it just kept coming. What kind of wine do I want? Red. So they pour me a large glass of red wine. THEN I find out that the white wine was homemade and the red wine was factory made. So of course, I'll also take a white wine. Then the toasts: To America and Georgia, to all religions (We explained that I was not Catholic or Christian, but Jewish. He is a history scholar and explained that Jews lived in Georgia for 2000 years and never were a persecuted people in Georgia.), to our parents, to mothers and wives, to God, to anyone who can love. Let's just show you. This jug was full when I arrived in the house. And only 2 of use were drinking...

It has been wonderful to be back. I am of course living on the street where I had the run in with the dog that tried to eat me (took out my jeans, not my leg, THANK GOODNESS) so every-time I walk down the allyway to the house, I get fight or flight. But Georgian hospitality is no joke. They take it very seriously. Even when I started saying no to more wine in my glass, they filled it, but assured me I could drink or not drink, there was no offense, they just needed ME to have a full glass so I COULD if I wanted to.

It is so good to be back in Georgia. And in a couple hours, Leqso and I head to Poti to be with the rest of the family! I can't wait!


  1. So cool! So do I understand that Leqso is the son of the family you lived with in Poti, but he now lives in Tbilisi?

    1. Yes, he's going to University in Tbilisi. When I was here, it was his cousin (who was my age) who was studying in Tbilisi to be a dentist. It's the house the children of the family live in while studying. Leqso's cousin is also a student living there while going to University.