Saturday, April 14, 2012

Berlin Pictures

Berlin Pictures:

Well, the pictures came in backwards this time, and I have tried to fix it twice, but we are just going to go with it.

I have amazing grandparents!

The memorial to the Jewish Victims of the Holocaust

Bubbe-Zeyde. This memorial was really special.

 Kolwitz is the name of the A&C shack at Camp Kinderland. Here was some of her work in a very special memorial. Below was the tomb of the unknown soldier and freedom fighter. Above was a hole in the ceiling so that when it snowed it snows on the grieving mother, if it rained, it rains on her, etc.

A length of the Berlin Wall is still there. You can see where people chipped away at it .

From my first time at the Jewish Memorial

These translate as stumbling stones. They are the names of people murdered in the death camps outside the last known "chosen" place of residence. They are found all over Berlin and are slightly higher than the rest of the street forcing you to notice them.  I thought of the chalk markers in New York that honor the victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. 

This building has a really neat history. It is the center of a huge fight between artists and a bank. We went in and heard from the artists. It was really interesting.
Staking out the point of attack... I mean, uh, the reunion with my grandparents.

So I just noticed that I messed up standing over the line. The brick my left foot is standing on is what the wall was...

I hate the Kiev airport (not as much as I hate the one in Tbilisi), but these were funny. Birds everywhere. It took me too long to get my camera out of my bag to catch the whole flock of them hanging around inside the terminal.

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