Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Georgian Guilt

I have not posted about it yet but Leqso's 17th birthday party was last week, on St. Patrick's Day, and we had a HUGE supra to celebrate. I am working on the post about that and want to include the pictures, so that is not up yet.
There were lots of leftovers that we have been eating since the supra. And while the food is still yummy, I did not want to eat the same thing again. So, I went into town and ate at a restaurant and wandered around Poti (a post to come about that, too). When I got home, I sat in the living room and hung out with my family for a little while. When Razo, my host uncle, came in he was immediately shown a blood pressure gauge held by his daughter who took his blood pressure twice, and then had Lela take his blood pressure, twice. I asked what was wrong and Qristina told me he was old. As far as I can tell, they were taking his blood pressure to figure out which of the leftovers to force him to eat (he complied happily to all of this.)
Around this time, I realized that it had been a while since I had eaten and I was hungry. But what they decided Razo should eat was the exact stuff had eaten for 2 meals for 3 days in a row (chicken covered in a walnut, onion, garlic and water sauce). I got out the bread, butter, and jam to make my usual (before the supra) late night dinner. Margo came in and proceeded to grill me about my day, as Lela and Qristina LAUGHED in the next room. 
Note, this was all in a combination of Georgian and English, but for clarity's sake I will write it in English.

M: Where did you go today?
P: Into town, I met some TLGers at Rotonda (our usual hangout).
M: Did you eat?
P: Yes, we ate and hung out and talked.
M: Did you eat meat?
P: Yes, I had a Kebabi, like I always do. (once I didn't, but I went straight back to it. The thing is more like a burrito and man is it good and cheap! And not water-based)
M: But did you have ghomi? (as she points to the ghomi)
P: (laughing) No, I didn't have ghomi.
M: And did you have my chicken? (burst of laughter from the living room as she points to the chicken and beats her heart)

At this point, we were all, including Margo, laughing too hard to keep going, and I got to have my fill of the jam (M: Tchame kargad, "eat well") but it was such a great incident that I had to share.

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