Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quick non-Georgia related blog post

So a whole lot of people outside of my family have started reading this (I am looking at you, Georgia friends) and I recently found out that some of you think that I misspelled the name of my blog. While I completely understand why you would think this (copy and paste one of my posts into something that has spell check and see the angry red lines appear), I did not skip an “i” in Perl. Perl is the English transliteration of my Yiddish name. And it is a reference to the old silent film series “The Perils of Pauline” though the series is about a damsel always in distress and always being saved by her man and my blog is hopefully about a damsel sometimes in distress who saves herself, sometimes by accepting help from others. Just in case there are more of you out there who I had not made that clear to, I wanted to let you know that while I sometimes let the spelling and grammar mistakes stand because they are either funny (mcdonland's) or because I have not yet noticed them, the title of the blog is correct as is. But please, if you see a non-funny typo, well, if it bugging you, let me know.  


  1. "if it bugging you". Really?

  2. well, aunt Mira, do it bug you???

    I really do think I should start sending these to you before posting them. Or maybe reading them once through myself. That might help with the errors.

    1. Perhaps you wrote it that way on purpose (subconsciously), in the spirit of the topic!
      Love you,